Annual Spring Work Weekend
Saturday April 28th, 2018

**Lunch will be served—to confirm if you will be attending
Please contact: Paula Tarantino Maione 201-709-4944

*Contact: Michael Pacala 201-933-8550

* for list of repairs/improvements needed for your cabin/project
Not available this weekend….arrangements can be made to accommodate club schedules!!
Club doesn’t have an assigned cabin or project……… we can still use your help!!!

Do you have a member (two or three) in your club who is a licensed electrician or a licensed plumber, a mason, carpenter, painter or handyman or handywoman who would like to donate their time and expertise to a State Project???

Did you know that “donated time and labor” commonly known as “sweat equity” could be just as valuable as a Cash Donation!!!!

Camp Marcella
New Jersey Camp for Blind Children, Inc.
Welcomes All Volunteers!!!!

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Camp Marcella