Welcome to Camp Marcella. New Jersey’s premier sleep away summer camp designed specifically individuals with special needs including blindness, and visual impairment. We are located in beautiful Rockaway, NJ.

Camp Marcella is the facility designed and owned by the NJ Camp for Blind Children (NJCBC) incorporated, a non-profit organization started in 1947. At that time a casual type of camp facility existed, but to many parents it lacked the advantages of a complete camping experience. So NJCBC began recruiting the right people for the right job. With the physical work and contributions of over 1300 organizations and individuals including the Lions Clubs of New Jersey , Camp Marcella opened its gates that very summer, and has been going strong since!

Today Camp Marcella comprises over 200 acres of woodland surroundings and a clear fish laden lake, with all of its facilities designed for the best possible care of visually impaired children.

The camp is located in one of the few areas of New Jersey that has not been touched by suburban sprawl. Camp is adjacent to the Pequannock Watershed, Farny State Park and a large Boy Scout Reservation. The combination of abundant wildlife, woods, lakes and serenity brings campers to an idyllic setting.

The objective of NJ Camp for Blind Children Inc. is to provide, promote and maintain a recreational, educational and rehabilitative camp primarily for visually impaired children.


To provide a safe haven for a healthy and enriching camping experience for visually impaired children.

We are all volunteers and dedicated individuals working relentlessly all year long to welcome with great pride every summer visually impaired children who will enjoy a fun vacation among their peers.


  • Michael Pacala, President
  • Jose Nieto, Executive VP – Treasurer
  • Barbara S. Murray, Secretary
  • John A. Allen, Vice President
  • Wayne Arvidson, Vice President
  • Douglas Schembs, Vice-President


  • Dayl Baile
  • Melvyn K. Bray
  • Winster D. Ceballos
  • Richard C. Chittum
  • Robert Frank
  • Lisa Garland
  • George Lesnik
  • Barbara Levy
  • Dr. Edward Meyer
  • Dr. Robert W. Moore
  • Paula Wills
  • Kay Robinson
  • John “Jack” Romano


  • Krystyn Gallant
  • Casper J. Meijer


  • Paula Wills
New Jersey Camp for Blind Children, Inc. “Camp Marcella”
Business Address
P.O. Box 85
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Physical Address
27 Durham Rd,
Rockaway, NJ 07866